Fake Terror Plots and the Strategy of Tension

Another day in the glorious world of the Western liberal democratic propaganda model and we’ve been saved again from those evil terrorists. “Intelligence” agencies claim to have intercepted a terror plot to launch Mumbai-style attacks on Britain and other European countries, according to Sky News sources. Well those are two reliable sources to go by without a shadow of a doubt – a finer track record of honesty and integrity you’d be hard pushed to find. One can only assume that, since the CIA is increasing the number of Predator drone strikes in northern Pakistan and killing even more innocent women and children, we needed another good scare to justify our ongoing barbarity towards impoverished nations.

If we’re to believe the Wall Street Journal (and we really shouldn’t) then the CIA strikes were intended to foil the alleged plot on European soil. The notion that strikes such as these are probably the one thing that would exacerbate the chances of a genuine terrorist attack doesn’t enter into their reasoning. And what of the countless other airstrikes and Special Forces attacks inflicted on Pakistan – and Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere – over the last few years? I expect we all know their answer to that – in classic doublespeak, they’re killing innocent women and children to protect the world from the violent extremists who would do harm to our women and children.

Naturally, the details of this plot are a little thin on the ground – virtually non-existent, to be more precise – but the WSJ and the rest of the corporate press have long since abandoned logic and reason in favour of pure, unadulterated propagandizing, and are undisturbed by the paucity of evidence supporting these new terror plot allegations. As Pentagon spokeswoman Siobhan Gorman (claiming here to be a “journalist” ) writes in the WSJ, “The exact nature of the plot or plots couldn’t be learned immediately, and counterterrorism officials in the U.S., Pakistan and Europe are continuing to investigate.” Bit murky on the details there. But perhaps she’ll elaborate further. “There have, however, been multiple terror warnings in recent days in France, Germany and the U.K.” Maybe not.

So once again, we have an unsubstantiated terror plot story plastered all over the mainstream media, with no corroboration from independent sources or elaboration on any of the details surrounding the alleged plot from the “intelligence” community or governments involved, and yet up goes the terror threat level, on goes the promotion of fear in the minds of the public and – crucially – down fall the bombs on our designated “enemies”. This is how it works – a manufactured threat unsupported by any evidence used to justify the continuing slaughter of those who stand in the way of geostrategic expansion and control.

There is nothing new under the sun.

The current “War on Terror”, characterised by the use of fake terror plots in conjunction with real false flag attacks is essentially a continuation of the Strategy of Tension employed by the US and NATO in the post-World War 2 period, when Winston Churchill and his allies established the stay-behind groups in western Europe, originally intended to act as sleeper cells to counter a Soviet invasion, but subverted over the course of time into active disruptors of the democratic process of supposedly sovereign nations, engaging in political subversion, smear campaigns and black propaganda, assassinations, kidnappings and the massacres of innocent people which were then blamed on the Communists. These groups, funded and controlled by the CIA, MI6 and top level elements of NATO, frequently used neofascist right-wing groups, sometimes with associations to the Nazis, organized crime syndicates and quasi-Masonic secret societies such as the Italian P2 Lodge, to carry out some of the worst terrorist atrocities Europe experienced in the post-war era. Operation Gladio, set up as part of the so-called “secret anti-Communist NATO protocols” represents perhaps the most well-known aspect of this clandestine network of secret services and terrorists, after its exposure to the public in 1990 and revelations of a campaign of US-backed terror and subversion spanning decades.

Some of the terrorist acts which Operation Gladio produced include the Piazza Fontana bombing in Italy, 1969, which left 17 dead and 88 wounded; the 1972 Peteano massacre, initially blamed on the Red Brigade but later discovered to be the work of the Gladio network after Magistrate Felice Casson discovered that “the explosives used in the attack came from one of 139 secret weapons depots of a secret army organized under the code name Operation Gladio”; the 1980 Bologna massacre which killed 85 people and wounded more than 200 – attributed to the neo-fascist terrorist organization, Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari, but widely believed to have been the work of the Gladio network, and the Brabant massacres in Belgium, where over a period of several years a number of mass shootings took place in supermarkets and restaurants – investigations inconclusively point to the culprits being linked to the Belgian Gladio stay-behind army, the right wing group WNP, and the Pentagon secret service DIA. These are just a few examples of many where either direct or circumstantial evidence of NATO/CIA/MI6 involvement in terror atrocities in Europe in the post-war period is noted.

In other countries where no such perceived Communist threat existed, the legacy of the stay-behind operations is considerably worse. The Franco dictatorship in Spain, despite its obvious brutality and anti-democractic leanings, was considered the most favourable option by NATO planners after the Second World War in a clear example of how anti-Communist sentiments superceded pro-democratic feelings. In Greece, the CIA and the NATO stay-behind forces guaranteed against the possible election of the communist National Liberation Front by actively supporting the LOK (Lochoi Oreinōn Katadromōn, i.e. “Mountain Raiding Companies”) who led the military coup d’État on April 21, 1967. Years of repression, torture and assassinations followed. When Phillips Talbot, the US ambassador in Athens, took exception to the coup, stating that it represented a “rape of democracy”, Jack Maury, the CIA chief of station in Athens, answered: “How can you rape a whore?”. Turkey, too, suffered the same fate, in which military coup followed by military dictatorship plunged the country into an era of brutality from which it has yet to recover.

Naturally, there has been plenty of bluff, denials and pleas of ignorance from officials in Washington, London and from the halls of NATO regarding the validity of the claims being made about the stay-behind networks, Operation Gladio and the overall employment of a “strategy of tension” including terror and subversion. Beyond the denials and appeals to “confidentiality” and the issue “being classified, as a matter state security”, confirmation has come not only from high ranking politicians involved in investigations, but also from the very extremist groups who were involved in a number of the massacres, several of whom have explicitly stated how they received their orders from organisations such as the CIA and MI6. Certainly, for those with a basic understanding of how the CIA has operated on other fronts where concern has arose over the influence of Communism (or simply nationalism motivated by a desire to share a nation’s wealth amongst the population) for instance throughout Latin America from the 1950s onwards, these tactics will hardly come as a surprise. A number of the Gladio operatives involved in European terrorism are known to have worked in America’s “backyard” for people like Manuel Noriega and the Nicaraguan Contras, passing on their knowledge of murder, terror and subversion to these brutal killers.

US Army Field Manual 30-31B serves as perhaps the most damning piece of evidence confirming the nature of the stay-behind armies and the strategies they employed, outlining a strategy of tension involving violent attacks which are then blamed on radical left-wing groups in order to convince allied governments of the need for counter-action. While official sources in the US government have predictably labeled this document a forgery (Claude Cockburn’s line, “Never believe anything until it has been officially denied” springs to mind), others disagree, including former deputy director of the CIA, Ray S. Cline, who has stated it to be genuine, and Licio Gelli, the leader of the P2 freemason lodge implicated in Gladio terror attacks throughout Italy who bluntly told the BBC’s Allan Francovich, “The CIA gave it to me”. The Gladio revelations coupled with the CIA’s track record for subversion of democracy and support for terrorist groups and right-wing dictators elsewhere around the globe would certain suggest that there is some truth to the notion that such a field manual does exist. The real question, given the culture of fear currently promulgated by Western governments and the resurgence of “terrorist” atrocities, is to what extent is the “strategy of tension” still being employed in the present day? The evidence would suggest that little has changed, and that the CIA and other intelligence agencies are very much active in a similar manner, provocateuring, engaging in covert action, information warfare and deception in order to set up new enemies and further the expansion of aggressive corporate and militaristic policies. We live in the age of Operation Gladio writ large.


6 responses to “Fake Terror Plots and the Strategy of Tension

  1. Thank you. The Nuremberg rules, GVIV and the UN Charter are well astern and deeply sunk are they not?

    This little matter I raised with Mr Paton-Walsh re Mumbai might be of interest to your readers. Did he or C4 reply. Did they hell. One can find a big lie in every 5 minutes.

    Dear Mr Paton Walsh,

    In these days when due legal process is so flawed in the UK* and variations of ‘truth’ are imprinted on the minds of a supine public, I take special note of inconsistencies broadcast and then amplified by those who should transmit the truth and eschew black rumour.

    On Friday night 28 November, you included a segment from the fishermen’s dock.  ‘Six militants (as per Gaza) came ashore in T-shirts, looking like students.  They spoke with ‘clean Indian Hindi accents’.  One told a woman to mind her business.  They split into 2 and 4.’

    I try not to watch that which passes for news but tonight I see/hear Damian Grammaticus on BBC and then yourself on C4 speaking of 10 Pakistani terrorists with no mention of ‘clean Indian Hindi accents.’  Was your fishermens’ dock report untrue or was it convenient to leave it out?  Or perhaps it was deemed unimportant by you or your editor.  As a doctor and surgeon who was taught to place great weight on the patient’s story, I believe the earlier story should not be so easily discarded.  If your story had fisher folk reporting ‘clean Pakistani Urdu accents’ then perhaps we would have heard more about this.

    Did the BBC pay no account to your report?

    And in all the lurid speculation as to the culprits’ origin, the words cui bono have not been heard.

    For truth, reason and justice

    David Halpin MB BS FRCS

    *For instance – the constance reference to Islamic terrorists/Islamic fundamentalists/radicalised Islamic youth and the 7/7 ‘bombings’.   Such assumptions are probably illegal and certainly evil given that there has been no Section 17 A Public Inquiry (as inappropriately applied to the unnatural death of Dr David Kelly when it is designed for multiple deaths)  and there have been no completed inquests of the 52 victims or of the 4 alleged culprits.  A 32 page report from a Home Office wallah is not a verdict.  Speaking of flaws, myself and my colleagues are asking the attorney-general for that long delayed inquest on Dr Kelly. (in her hands at present 21 January 2010)

    • You bring up two very good points there with regards to alleged “terror” attacks – foiled or otherwise. The first is the number of revelations found in the mainstream media which – once the official line is put out by the government – sink into the memory hole and are rarely, if ever, discussed again. A good example of this concerning 7/7 are the reports I saw in the media – certainly the BBC – regarding the forensic analysis of the debris and the apparent use of C4 explosives. Obviously, military grade explosives didn’t fit into the Muslim extremist rucksack bomber narrative, so this was quietly dropped and never mentioned again. A careful examination of the live TV coverage on 9/11 also reveals an incredible amount of evidence which directly contradicts the official narrative.

      The other point you make regarding inquests is one that never ceases to baffle me when discussing terrorism with, for want of a better expression, defenders of the official story. Both with 9/11 and 7/7 there has been nothing approaching a detailed, evidence-based account supporting the official narrative – but plenty of propagandising across the mainstream media. Yet countless supposedly intelligent critics of political power structures seem to think nothing of this. Left commentators are particularly noteworthy for their sudden lack of probity when it comes to these attacks, although when one realises that they are no doubt a part of the controlled opposition, their absurd reactions (ad hominem and a refusal to provide evidence supporting the official narrative they agree with) become completely understandable.

      I’m not surprised that you haven’t received a response from the C4/BBC journalists – after all, they’re not paid to engage in dialogue with informed members of the public, merely to peddle Whitehall press releases and generally do as they are told. I doubt they’re capable of anything beyond that.

  2. ” the use of fake terror plots”

    I am always reminded of the headline “” they are surely not going to bomb old Trafford” to which the reply, of course , was…” Yes.. they are surely not going to bomb old Trafford ”

    You take care and well done.


  3. Sadly, few among the public are this perspicacious. Most of them accept the drivel peddled by the Tabloids and think that they know all about Islam and Muslims because they read such trash.

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