7/7 Ripple Effect vs BBC Conspiracy Files – An Academic Analysis

The BBC’s Conspiracy Files series presents itself as impartial and objective, yet when it came to dealing with the attacks of 7/7 and the questions raised in the documentary 7/7 The Ripple Effect there is a clear conflict of interest between their claims of impartiality and their deep-running ties to the establishment.

Dr Rory Ridley-Duff of Sheffield Hallam University, in a paper entitled Theorising Truth, compared the “conspiracy” documentary with the BBC’s rebuttal and drew some interesting conclusions. Here are some highlights – both documentaries are posted below so you can judge for yourself which is the more persuasive:

“When deploying a coherence theory of truth, the thesis put forward by the government and BBC collapses due to low probability that four men would choose the same targets, at the same time, and on the same day as a simulated crisis management exercise organised byVisor Consultants. The thesis put forward in 7/7 Ripple Effect remains coherent with available evidence.”

“Limits on BBC journalists’ power to criticise government became apparent after a row over Andrew Gilligan’s report on the death of Dr David Kelly in the early stages of Iraq war (Wikipedia,2009). Following the Hutton Report, Gavyn Davies (Chair of the BBC Board of Governors) and Greg Dyke (BBC Director General) were forced from their jobs (BBC, 2004). It is clear, therefore, that BBC documentaries that call into question the government’s “war on terror” will trigger punitive action by the government. At times of national crisis, BBC outputs will not only be subject to government scrutiny, but also direct editorial control by government ministers.”

“If  7/7 Ripple Effect is ‘fabricated’, then the claim it is divisive would have some merit. However, this research has not found any instance of fabricated evidence: it is an example of critical journalism that draws wholly on public news sources to formulate a controversial, but plausible, theory. After deploying three different theories of truth to develop insights into new and existing evidence, it is the BBC / Government theory that has a lower level of correspondence with known ‘facts’, is incoherent to the point of being implausible, and is more likely to distort its reports because of institutional controls and political pressures. [emphasis mine]”

7/7 Ripple Effect

BBC Conspiracy Files: 7/7


One response to “7/7 Ripple Effect vs BBC Conspiracy Files – An Academic Analysis

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