I was reading a book on the way to work the other day – at precisely the same point as I read the words “emotional situation” the DJ on the radio said the words “emotional situation”.

Arriving at work, I scanned a few news websites and spotted a particularly interesting story, which I emailed to a few friends – at precisely the same point one of the recipients emailed the very same article to me.

Smoking a cigarette outside work in the dark (saving energy, you see), a discussion began about carrots and the “old wives’ tale” about them helping you see in the dark – someone pointed out that obviously this was related to Vitamin A. When I got home I picked up my copy of Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle and read the following passage: “One of the German technicians could be seen pointing off somewhere, and the Americans were trying to make out what he was pointing at. I guess their eyesight is better than ours, she decided. Better diet over the last twenty years. As we’ve been told; they can see things no one else can, Vitamin A, perhaps?”

The book I’d been reading on the way to work was Carl Jung’s Synchronicity. On the page before the mention of Vitamin A in …High Castle was the following exchange:

“Perhaps they’re driven by some desperate subconscious archetype. In the Jungian sense.”

Mr Tagomi nodded. “I have read Jung. I understand.”


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