Jenny Saville: Flesh

Watch the documentary on Jenny Saville here.


14 responses to “Jenny Saville: Flesh

  1. These are amazing! Really creepy and visceral, but beautiful too.

  2. It said ‘flesh’ and I got what I came for.

  3. These are amazing! I’m obsessed with lady smoking in jeans, i love the use of colour! Can someone tell me the name of it or any details! because i would like to use that as an artist references in my A-level course 🙂

  4. you know you have to name each picture, right? with the name, dimensions, date, etc

  5. hi, i happened to google jenny saville (one of my favourite painters) and it is a somewhat pleasant surprise to come across my own painting (the last one).
    thought i should give you the heads up though, that it is by me.
    i’m sure it’s an honest mistake. very flattering though. 😉

    • orwellwasright

      Since it is a flattering mistake I’ll refrain from rectifying it 🙂

      • The decent thing would be to either remove the image, or update your post saying that it was painted by Shuxian, with maybe a link to her website. You aren’t “flattering” her by posting her work up there under the name of another artist.

      • orwellwasright

        Thank you so much for this comment – I had every intention of posting a gallery of Shuxian’s wonderful work and it completely slipped my mind – I will relocate the image to a new post. The last thing I want to do is deprive artists of recognition – one of the reasons I started the blog was to encourage and promote new artists.

  6. absolutely sublime…

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