Assange, Chomsky, Ali and the Petty Backbiting of “Liberal” Journalists

WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange talks to Noam Chomsky and Tariq Ali about the wave of pro-democracy movements in the Middle East and the responses to American imperialism throughout Latin America. Assange has been facing extradition to the US for some time now, based on the outdated, draconian Espionage Act, despite the fact he isn’t actually an American citizen. This hasn’t stopped hardliners on the right calling for his torture and even assassination.

Meanwhile, over in the UK, so-called “liberal” journalists who profess to stand for the same principles of openness in government and freedom of speech, have revealed themselves on Twitter to be utterly contemptuous of Assange and in some cases openly hostile. Read the media lens report, “Incinerating Assange – The Liberal Media Go To Work“.


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