Victory for Hugo Chavez – The Revolution Will Not Be Televized?

Hugo Chavez has won the Venezuelan presidential elections taking 54% of the votes, some 1 million more votes than his opponent Henrique Capriles Radonski. Chavez has proved himself an enduring figure for many in the Latin American country and throughout the region, having redistributed considerable wealth from the country’s Western-backed oligarchs since coming to power in 1999, channeling profits from the country’s extensive natural resources into programs for the poor, including the provision of housing, education and medical treatment.

Predictably, such socially responsible measures were met with disapproval in Washington, where politicians have been desperate to undermine Chavez’s achievements, employing a coordinated program of domestic anti-Chavez propaganda and covert destabilization efforts to topple the man who stands between them and unfettered access to the world’s largest proven oil reserves.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised offers viewers a timely reminder of the 2002 attempted coup d’état involving the Bush administration and US intelligence agencies at a time when establishment think tanks including the Council on Foreign Relations are openly discussing new tactics for the destabilization and overthrow of the Chavez government.

In light of the tactics currently being used in the Middle East against opponents of Western expansion, Chavez’s victory at the polls should not give him cause to rest on his laurels – it is highly likely that covert operations will be stepped up in conjunction with demonizing propaganda leading towards “regime change” disguised as “humanitarian intervention”. Prepare to meet another cartoon villain “brutal dictator”…


One response to “Victory for Hugo Chavez – The Revolution Will Not Be Televized?

  1. This interview with Asia Times correspondent Pepe Escobar (one of the best journalists working today, in my opinion) is essential viewing, covering the dynamics of the Venezuelan elections and the demonization of Chavez in the media accurately:

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