The Holy Mountain

Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain (released in the US as The Sacred Mountain) sees a Christ-looking thief encountering a powerful Alchemist, who takes him on as his apprentice and introduces him to seven companions, each of whom embodies the worst aspects of their planetary counterparts. They accompany him on the path of death and rebirth leading to spiritual enlightenment atop the eponymous Holy Mountain.

Jodorowsky’s visionary work is truly one of a kind: deeply symbolic and shot through with a surrealist/psychedelic style, the hallucinogenic drugs purportedly consumed by the cast and crew during the shoot oozes from every frame, loaded with colour and esoteric symbolism – even if you lack the necessary points of reference to the mystical context (and many of the references are nothing if not oblique) it remains a feast for the senses, while the mystical aspect is underpinned by an anarchic sense of humour.


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