Do Americans Think We Face Tyranny?

As the debate over gun control rages on, with many Americans believing that a widespread gun grab would precede an authoritarian clampdown on American citizens, activist Luke Rudkowski takes to the streets of New York City and asks whether or not America is on the brink of tyranny. Is the country facing totalitarianism or is this nothing more than paranoid fear-mongering?


6 responses to “Do Americans Think We Face Tyranny?

  1. as an American, 1, All governments are capable of being tyrannic, Just as all people can Become Tyrants. 2. America has progressively become-in my lifetime, and I’m not yet 40 years old-More and more of a nation with an ‘Occupied camp’ mentality. My father, Vietnam Veteran, Has seen even more and has seen from the inside of the Military, just what America can do, and what lengths they will go to. Case in point: If a Discharged soldier is in dispute with his superiors at the base that he was assigned to after his tour, is “asked” to come back on base to discuss and resolve a dispute (usually something like veterans Health benefits) The Moment he steps onto the base he becomes ‘Property of the U.S. Government, and can be in effect indefinitly left to wander as a non-entity, Not technically a prisoner, and they provide food housing etc., but basically as a piece of equipment. That’s why they are called G.I or Government Issue.
    The police here in the united states are better armored, and better equipped than deployed soldiers. They send out armored personnell carriers, and full combat equipped Officers for a man with a knife refusing to surrender, the man is usually shot with the justification of his being a threat to the safety of the Officers..Officers are 99.9% of the time immune from prosecution, There is no external oversight with all “Investigations” being internal. and when an officer is punished for say killing an unarmed mentally illl homeless man over a case of him urinating in the bushes, by refusing medical attention after several police beat him, the officers were punished by given 2 week paid leave. America is in many aspects Tyrannical, but the one blockade from complete authoritarian take over is the fact that we are armed. which is precisely why the new gun laws are being implemented. but the Sheriffs of the County in which I live in have told the Federal government to Not expect any co-operation, and in fact told to stay out of their jurisdiction or face being arrested on civil rights violations. many County Sheriffs have said the same thing, Citing the 10th. Amendment of the Bill Of Rights, Stating in brief that County’s City’s, Municipality’s etc. are Sovereign, I’m Very Liberal in my political beliefs, I’m Neither Democrat or republican, But The Freedom Of the Individual is paramount, and no government has the right to trample that. Governments exist, by the general consensus of the Populous, and if the populous decides to no longer recognize the Authority, the government ceases to be a power. I think most American Have forgotten that, or have never been taught to think in such a way. I fear that the trend is that America is Becoming more and more Domestically Authoritarian. The funny thing is, people think that Because we have a system of Multiple representatives, senators etc. that Autocracy cannot happen. The fact is, what better way to slowly implement an authoritarian doctrine than by spreading it out among a large group of people, Oligarchical Collectivism as Mr. Wells Wrote.

    • I live in the UK but have followed the situation in America for a few years now and it seems to me to be something akin to a creeping authoritarianism which, in its current stage you might call “Fascism Lite”. Like you say, only the number of weapons in the hands of citizens is stopping it from ramping up to full on authoritarianism – everything else is in place, including the heavily militarized police force acting with virtual impunity.

      Still, it’s good to hear what you have to say about the county sheriffs and hopefully enough Americans are wise enough to keep hold of their guns. If enough Americans wake up to the fact that the people who run the country are the same families who financed Hitler then they might take the prospect of a dictatorship seriously (or simply that the charade of two party politics is little more than a mask hiding the fact that the elites are a bunch of psychopaths).

      • Like I always try to remind people: Hitler was elected. He had a large bureaucratic system that implemented and executed the policies, That were put in place.

      • orwellwasright

        What do you make of the Savile/paedophile piece I posted? Do you think that might get to the heart (or lack of) of the matter, in a psychological sense?

  2. What an illuminating video. A good example of the extent the American people are kept in the dark by the corporate media. Also an interesting example of how people will defend their worldview, even when presented with the facts. Mental gymnastics at their best. If they don’t collectively wake up soon, it’ll be too late, as happened in Germany in the 30s.

    • Cognitive dissonance is a powerful thing, isn’t it? I find much the same with a lot of British folk who still tend to buy into the mainstream/corporate narrative – I think part of it is an instinctive defense of strongly held views and partly fear that if they’re wrong and we’re right the implications for the state of the world we live in is too much for them to handle!

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