The Sandy Hook Controversy

As with most of the mass shootings in recent history in America, the mass shooting at Sandy Hook last December triggered a string of conspiracy theories, many of these suggesting that the incident was an entirely staged event intended to fuel the gun control debate, citing the use of actors and referencing the apparently clueless coroner and his interview with the press. There have even been suggestions that alleged shooter Adam P. Lanza died the day before the shooting took place.

Professor James Tracy of Florida Atlantic University became the centre of media attention after writing a controversial timeline for Global Research which he alleges was largely misquoted by the mainstream media. The above interview with James Corbett outlines his actual position on the shooting – viewers can judge for themselves if he’s as “crazy” as the media is making out.


5 responses to “The Sandy Hook Controversy

  1. He doesn’t sound crazy. I’ve seen video of the police chief implying he was warned to be prepared ‘for an event of this type’. Me, I don’t know one way or the other. Authoritarian figures often come across as evasive and plain dishonest even when they are telling the truth.
    This Dr Tracy falls into the ‘over-exposure’ trap as do so many who are going against the mainstream media.

    • “Authoritarian figures often come across as evasive and plain dishonest even when they are telling the truth.” Too true.

  2. Is there any truth to the story about the Facebook memorial page set up for one of the adult victims two days before the shootings?

  3. I looked online and there was screenshots of the page before it disappeared. It’s difficult to tell with all the dis info out there, I watched a report where the author was claiming that the London Olympics opening ceremony had clues to the forthcoming shooting, as it says in The 48 Laws Of Power “Play a sucker to you catch a sucker”

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