‘Batman’ delivers suspect to Bradford police

batman bradford police station trafalgar house
One of the best news stories I’ve read for a while!

A man dressed as Batman has been fighting crime in Bradford by collaring a wanted man and bringing him in to police custody.

The caped crusader – in 1960s TV series costume rather than the latest Dark Knight incarnation – marched into Trafalgar House police station in the south of the city in the early hours of 25 February and handed over the suspected criminal, before disappearing into the night. Police have no idea of the real-life superhero’s identity.

The man was subsequently arrested by officers on suspicion of burglary, fraud and breaching a court order. He was charged with handling stolen goods and fraud-related offences and is due to appear at Bradford magistrates court on 8 March.

A West Yorkshire police spokesman said: “The person who brought the wanted man into the station was dressed in a full Batman outfit. His identity, however, remains unknown.”


One response to “‘Batman’ delivers suspect to Bradford police

  1. na na, na na, na na……BATMAN!
    They should check local mansions for moody billionaires

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