Is The BBC Worth the Licence Fee?

Is the BBC worth the licence fee? Don’t ask me – I stopped watching TV ten years ago after witnessing the disgusting commentary of the BBC and other news organizations during the carpet bombing of Baghdad, Shock and Awe, the opening salvo to the genocide which was the invasion of Iraq. From what I gather their output has declined even further, from their refusal to broadcast the Gazan appeal after several hundred children were murdered by Israel’s military to the cover-up of Jimmy Savile’s decades-long child abuse, often on their property. None of which should come as much of a surprise to those who understand the origins of the BBC – after all, their job has always been to use public money to push the political and corporate agendas of the establishment.


One response to “Is The BBC Worth the Licence Fee?

  1. orwellwasright

    Here’s another good video on the licence as extortion racket:

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