Moment of Clarity Episode 2: The Secret Global Corporate Coup


2 responses to “Moment of Clarity Episode 2: The Secret Global Corporate Coup

  1. If only it were simply the TPP, that would be quite enough!

    But a near-identical “economic partnership”, known as the Transatlantic Economic Partnership [TEP], between the EU and North America, is in the process of being implemented, by stealth. If the TPP was established in secrecy, the TEP has been even lower on the media radar.

    The TPP and TEP are based on similar principles: “normalization” of labor laws, elimination of trade barriers, mutual extradition laws, shared missile defense, obligation to share ‘intelligence’, the gutting of environmental protection, secret tribunals that will oversee suits against nations for lost gains [due to labor and environmental laws, among other].

    We’re in the midst of THE ultimate global corporate coup and so few are aware of what is going on!

    It’s exceedingly difficult to find critical opinions on both of these treaties. A web search brings up pages and pages of US-American and EU propaganda, before there’s any hope of finding reliable analyses.

    A few documents:

    On the history of the TEP and its proponents: Transatlantic Two-Step

    A devastating podcast analysis of the TPP. Interview with Lori Wallach, lawyer, graduate of Harvard, on the implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. View the video and pass it along!

    • I’ve found no equivalent analyses of the TEP, either in text format or on youtube, but here is a more succinct interview than the video above, of Lori Wallach, on Democracy Now.

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