It’s so unfair, say ‘under-paid’ bankers

And Britain, while you’re at it. This article highlights the complete disconnect the bankers have with the rest of the country – as one of the top rated reader comments says, “They should be happy they still have a job and are not in prison/ swinging from a lamp post.”

Via The Telegraph:

The scale of dissatisfaction in the City emerged in a global survey of finance professionals by recruiters Selby Jennings, which uncovered similar gripes in New York and Singapore.

Globally, 67.2pc of bankers were “unhappy with their overall remuneration package” for 2012, compared with 63.9pc in London. In both London and the global survey, 48.4pc of respondents said their pay was unfair even “when asked to take the current market conditions into account”.

Three-quarters of City respondents were paid a basic salary of more than £50,000 and a third received over £100,000. Some 12.9pc earned a bonus of 100pc or more of their salary, but 19.4pc did not receive a bonus at all.

Some 619 bankers across all levels and departments were surveyed.



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