Pope opens inaugural mass with ten minutes of audience banter

St Peter's Square operates a strict 'no stag or hen parties' rule

Via The Daily Mash:

POPE Francis has opened his inaugural mass by engaging the front row in a few minutes of cheeky chit-chat.

The new Pope confirmed his informal, off-the-cuff style by picking on crowd members at St Peter’s Square with distinguishing characteristics.Pope Francis said: “So…any Catholics in today?”

After his initial question met with a deafening cheer, the Pope continued: “How about anyone from a small provincial village?”

Having elicited a show of around two hundred thousand hands, the Pope then chose a man in a hat, asking him what his name was.

“Domingo,” came the reply, although the Pope deliberately misinterpreted this as ‘Domino’, for comic effect.

The Pope said: “So, Domingo, God tells me you’re a homosexual.”

After a short pause, the Pope continued: “Just messing with you, no seriously it’s going to be a great mass today.”

Cardinal Angelo Sardano tweeted: “Pope Francis is absolutely smashing it!”


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