Groupthink and Social Masking

I’m reading some fascinating books on the consciousness of the hunter-gatherer so the timing stumbling across this article couldn’t be much better.

Via Zen-Haven:

Long before humans ever had a need to begin using psychological masks as individuals we were already operating under the larger auspices of social masking known as the hive mentality.

I pretty much conjure that it all started when humans began forming social collectives and living together for protection…think cave men.  Prehistoric Earth was a much harder place to get by in than today, so that protection became a very high priority.  If you wished to have the protection and companionship of the group, you most likely went along with whatever the head honcho decreed, which come to think of it is still working real well these days.

Being “blackballed” from the tribe might not be so bad nowadays but back then I’m pretty certain it was a time-release death penalty.The patterns were formed and the programming became ‘hardwired’- Safety in numbers, and we have pretty much been communal creatures ever since.

Back in the 60′s, some communes of free thinkers began sprouting up as those tired of the hive mind left the cities to create hives of their own, allowing in only like minded thinkers.  Kinda like trading one hive mind for another one…think upgrades.  The hippies were the first in modern times to recognize the true potentialof the hive mind, if focused on spirit rather than greed.

You see, we really arehardwired to work as a collective, it’s known as the collective consciousness, and the collective unconscious.  These are the avenues of unity consciousness, which is what we are striving for in this consciousness driven revolution.

Unfortunately for us today; this capacity for unity consciousness has been long ago hijacked, and deformed into something more conducive to breeding compliant slaves to serve the hijackers.

By deliberately exploiting a natural human tendency toward collective thinking, the ‘elitists’ down thru history have always sought to manipulate and even program our thinking to their liking.  Maybe that’s why today all of the worlds newspapers, radio & TV stations are owned by just three corporations; and why “clear channel” and Homeland Insecurity are seeking to control all of it.

I well remember the swarm of psychological self-analysis books that appeared around 1970, such as Future Shock by Alvin Toffler, and The Primal Scream, by Arthur Janov. Self-help was all the rage that year as so many folks tried to find some middle ground between the communes and the corporations, some fertile mental realm where sanity still prevailed.  It was 18 months later when another groundbreaking writer, & social psychologist Irving Janis appeared on the scene, with his early research on the hive mind, “Victims of Groupthink.”

Ten years later came his seminal work on the subject: ”Groupthink; Psychological studies of policy decisions and fiascos,” wherein he pioneered research into the existence and dynamics of the hive mentality in modern culture.  Janis described groupthink as a kind of rationalized conformity wherein individuals waived critical thinking in favor of majority rule, often with undesired results.

Janis described groupthink this way;  ”The more amiability & esprit de corps there is among a policy making ingroup, the greater the danger that independent critical thinking will be replaced by groupthink which is likely to result in irrational & dehumanizing actions directed against outgroups.”

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