Fluoride Fight: The Forced Drugging of Society

Does it bother you if there’s flouride in your water supply?

Scientific studies have linked fluoridation of the water supply to lowered IQs, increased risk of cancer, and bone disease, amongst other conditions. So why do we still fluoridate? As researchers like Anthony Gucciardi warn, fluoridation may in fact only be the thin edge of the wedge when it comes to forced medication of the population.



5 responses to “Fluoride Fight: The Forced Drugging of Society

  1. Just had an argument with a dentist.
    When I told her fluoride is a neuro-toxin she said” oh I don’t know anything about that”
    So as the main recommended treatment by the dental industry a dentist has no clue about it? WTF! What do they learn at dental school?

  2. The dose makes the poison. Every substance is toxic if its quantity is great enough. Copper has been linked to copper poisoning, alcohol has been linked to alcohol poisoning, and light has been linked to blindness.

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