Are Psychedelic Drugs the Achilles’ Heel of the Establishment?

As Bilil Hicks said, “I’m glad mushrooms are against the law, because I took them one time, and you know what happened to me? I lay in a field of grass for four hours  going, “My God! I love everything!” Yeah. Now if that isn’t a hazard to our country … how are we gonna keep building nuclear weapons, you know what I mean? What’s going to happen to the arms industry when we realise we’re all one?”

Via Disinfo:

Back in 2010, I took a winter solstice themed acid trip with my lovely wife, which spawned the impetus for me finally writing my second book (which should be coming out this summer). I realized I needed to start writing said book during the trip because it was the one part of my magickal practice I had been neglecting, my magickal journal. According to some Occultists, this is the most important variable in the equation, so yeah, a pretty big oversight on my part and not something that was occurring to me at all before then. So I woke up the next day, sketched out the outline and got moving. Two and a half years later and it’s finally almost done (it only took me a year to write, finding a decent editor and getting that wrapped up has now taken me far longer, unreal). Not surprising though, every time I take psychedelic drugs other than weed, there’s an absolute deluge of otherworldly information that usually takes me quite some time to properly process and mold into action, which is a big part of the reason I don’t do them very often and increasingly focus the intent of the ritual when I do (highly recommended).

During this particular neuro-excursion I also had a fairly profound vision embed itself into my psyche seemingly out of nowhere. In it, I was at a press conference of sorts. UFO phenomenon were spiking and the world was turning to me, the preeminent Occult intermediary between the UFO’s and self described “humans”. I approached the podium calmly and had this to say:

“People of Earth. Legalize Psychedelic Drugs. NOW! We’re not asking you, we’re telling you. If you don’t, increasingly horrible shit is going to happen (and with this my whole field of vision was flooded with images of natural disasters). You know what to do. Legalize psychedelic drugs. NOW!”

This was my channeled communication to humanity. Now, was it just my imagination? It was certainly framed in the context of a music video, but also seemingly wasn’t coming from me, at least consciously. In the coming weeks, the more I thought about it, like a lot of these transmissions, the more it actually made a great deal of sense. What if rather than protesting the vast array of conflicting gripes we all have with the government, we all just started focusing our collective energy on one goal with surgical focus, the legalization of psychedelic drugs? We could start with psilocybin mushrooms because truthfully, I have no idea how LSD could rationally be legal because it’s just too easy to dose people with in acts of ontological terror. It’s a sad reality that very few people want to acknowledge and even I admittedly like the stuff ever so slightly better than ‘shrooms.

Let’s face it, the protest movement hasn’t been accomplishing a whole fuck of a lot. We’re almost more a bunch of mind controlled materialist twats than we were 50 years ago. Wealth inequality is worse. We’ve been marching around the streets chanting about political issues for how long now? The media learned years ago that all they have to do is not cover these protests and that pretty much solves the problem. If people don’t know about these things, then what did they really accomplish other than making the participants feel better about themselves? What if all of a sudden this whole movement took a complete 180 and showed up on the White House lawn demanding the religious freedom that only legalized mushrooms can provide. The establishment wouldn’t have a clue as how to deal with this and the media would jump all over it due to sheer novelty factor alone. It would force politicians to answer serious questions about why these drugs are illegal in the first place, and they don’t have the answers to these questions. They do not want this dialogue entering the beltway, trust me.

Last weekend while meditating on the most horrific week of news cycles I can remember, a voice popped into my head informing me that “we’re being forced to remember” (friend me on Facebook for weird updates like this). There was an intuitive telepathic communique that went along with this. We’re being forced to remember that we’re dreaming, that the world is made of consciousness and not matter. All the surreal horror invading our televisions and thus our psychic lives is being done to illuminate us all to that fact…to get us to wake up. It’s sink or swim at this point, we either do or we die. We’re becoming dangerous to the entire interlocking plotlines of natural reality and our superiors aren’t going to put up with our shit much longer. The day after receiving this communique, while entertaining my puppy on Saturday morning, I noticed that the History Channel was running a 60’s counterculture documentary called Hippies.

I was honestly about to change the channel as I was quite sure that I wouldn’t learn anything new about a topic I’d read so much on, but I’m glad I kept it on because I was disturbingly wrong. What I learned is that the idea that one can achieve spiritual states of consciousness through the use of hallucinogens is still about the most controversial idea imaginable. The entire thing was basically a bunch of anti-psychedelic culture propaganda. This from the network that runs U.F.O. marathons on Christmas and just made a gajillion dollars with a new Bible mini-series. You see what’s so fucked about the way we view spirituality? Hey Ancient Aliens morons, it wasn’t “actual flesh and blood extraterrestrials” it was a culture based around shamanism, and you will never, EVER, even sort of understand it unless you, gasp, actually try and get into the heads of said culture. Here’s a clue, their religion revolved around the ritual ingestion of etheogens. They had this stuff down to a science, a science we’ve since forgotten, and as my 5th dimensional self was trying to tell me, we need to remember. Now more than ever.

Don’t get me wrong, the “documentary” did in fact make a lot of good points about the failings of the hippie movement. I’ve always been a bit of a harsh critic of the 60’s scene. Psychedelic drugs are basically useless unless the users move away from the idea that they’re some sort of magical panacea. They are a door, they show you that there’s a world outside your limited reality, but it’s up to you to find out how to unlock that door and break on through to the other side. Creating ontological shock through the use of hallucinogens and not having this lead to a more consistent, focused spiritual practice has been shown to be demonstrably worthless a lot of the time. Oh, and there absolutely is such a thing as doing too much. The term “acid casualty” exists for a reason. As much as Timothy Leary wanted to believe that there was no harm in doing acid once a week, that’s obviously a load of complete shite. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again a billion times, if I would have done as much acid as they did back in the day, I would have ended up in a mental institution a long time ago. Rather than Turn on, Tune In, Drop out – let’s try Turn On, Tune In, Use what you’ve found to diligently challenge yourself spiritually and figure out how to rebuild our toxic monoculture.

I know it’s not as catchy, but you know what the most hilarious thing about the History Channel’s ridiculously biased take on the hippie movement was? According to them, the worst, and I mean absolute most dangerous thing about the whole scene was that it sometimes lead people into Occultism. Ooooh, spooky Occultism, the horribly daemonic practice where people try and make a connection with their Holy Guardian Angel. They offered zero explanation as to what was so bad about this (no one ever does), but let me fill you in: Occultism is basically westernized shamanism. Can’t have that. Makes people incredibly difficult to control. It’s a philosophy that’s in direct opposition to materialism. Instead of pretending that inner states of consciousness are completely meaningless, acting as if they are of utmost significance (friend me on Facebook to see how oddly coherent this gets). Throws a wrench in modern consumerism as we know it, and you know, that might mean that we quit blindly funneling money to the top.

You know what else it does? Makes people question the entire military apparatus. That’s really why people turn their nose up at hippies. Their movement was quite intentionally and effectively beaten down by the war machine that they opposed. Their drug of choice was made illegal. Their leaders were thrown in prison. They wanted peace, free love, and communion with the beyond rather than endless imperialistic wars. Guess what? They lost. We now have the most bloated, useless, and sophisticated war machine in world history and yet we look at them as being evil and irresponsible. Shit’s doubled in size in the last decade. See what I mean, we need shamanism now more than ever as an antidote to this karmic horror show. Legalize DMT!

The wheels are in motion. When I saw near death experiences being discussed on the Katie Couric show of all places months back, the fact that progress is being made, albeit very slowly certainly resonated within me. Even mainstream shit like Oprah started covering mushroom research. You know what else? After years of seeing psychedelic culture marginalized to the fringe pop cultural ghettos of Burning Man raves and jam band festivals which trendy arts publications consistently deride and ignore, even that’s turning around with the newly resurgent psych rock culture.

This is no better evidenced by the annual Austin Psychedelic Music Festival, which is going down this weekend. Due to personal constraints, I won’t be able to make it, but Jesus Christ is that lineup amazing:

austin psych fest

Black Mountain with Deerhunter headlining on Saturday night? Fan-fucking-tastic. If you can get there, get there kids. It’s long been known that the efficacy of a psychedelic experience has to do with set and setting and I can’t think of a better way to blast yourself into eternity than with the endless squalls of droning feedback, often interlaced with catchy hooks that this particular ritual will offer. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but in my Occult practice, I’ve found trippy music nearly as effective a sigil charging catalyst as sex (I personally like to combine the two). So, if you’re venturing directly into the time distorting expanse of music in Austin this weekend, just, you know, try to let this potent focus of trance inducing energy lead you to the next step in your spiritual development. Don’t just go and say, hey, let’s pointlessly do even more drugs next weekend. That sort of attitude will backfire on you just like it did the hippies, I promise you that. We can’t afford to fuck this up tripsters.


3 responses to “Are Psychedelic Drugs the Achilles’ Heel of the Establishment?

  1. Hey! as always a good posting. I’ve always been an advocate of Responsible use of Any Drug. I don’t drink, I smoked pot for about 15+ years daily, for my ADD/Anxiety Disorders, and for fun. The Laws although they’re changing here with Washington State and Colorado Legalizing Cannabis, Are what keep me from NOt using Cannabis.I honestly functioned better than I do on the regular RX’s (Amphetamine Compounds and Benzodiazipines, which is a Bitch to get balanced) I would much prefer using Pot, and tapering off the others (although for as long as Ive been using both 10+ years, I don’t know the dangers of stopping them, and Withdrawals Blow.) I’ve used L.S.D. 4 times, and I got what I wanted out of it. I may do it again. The last Psychedelics I used were Mushrooms, and I really enjoyed them. I took just enough to alter my consciousness; the main thing about LSD was that I didn’t like the feeling of not being in control. I believe that had i known then about my Anxiety disorders I may have explored a little further. But that again is why Alcohol doesn’t appeal to me. I like to follow the threads of thought, not get blotto. Context is everything I’ve learned . LSD is a tool, I wish that they would allow clinical usage in a safe controlled environment. Ir is NOT a Party drug. Too many people make that mistake, It’s a powerful tool and should be respected.
    I think that Psychedelics really do assist, when looked at in a mature light, the introspection that many of us Westerners Ignore. I think it was Zappa Who said ‘Drugs aren’t a licensce for you to act like an asshole” He didn’t do Drugs but was for legalization. I don’t believe that I would have embraced my Strange Side as completely as I have if I had not been exposed and had the curiosity about Psychedelics. It really does allow you to break down barriers in your mind, even the very few times I used them. To me, they’re what I like to call “psychic lubricant” just as you need to oil an engine, you need to alter you’re conciousness sometimes to break inflexible patterns of thought/behavior/actions you may not be aware of.

    • orwellwasright

      I completely agree – while I have done psychedelics “recreationally” it’s when I’ve taken them more seriously as a tool for introspection and learning that they’ve been the most valuable experiences. Their potential for psychological healing and understanding is undeniable.

      • Yes. Albert Hoffman’s work alone, and a recent article that leaked into the mainstream about the curative rate for Alcoholism, as I’m sure you know, is staggering. My last legal run in was regarding grass and a D.U.I. I was on my way to visit some cousins, and acting a fool I took a corner too sharp. and ended up in an irrigation ditch. I was sober, Driving fast out through some farmland vacant road, but had my prescription Amphetamines, and benzodiazapines, and other meds since they live in a small little Holler , I was going to spend the night, give some music lessons to my Teenage cousin, and do some filming for my Multimedia archives. Well It’s actually illegal here to drive a vehicle if you’ve taken ANY medicines that read “May Cause Drowsiness-use caution when operating a motor vehicle”, or any type of FDA labeling Over-the-counter or prescribed.So if you take cough syrup that potentially has the effect of making you dizzy, or say a anti-coagulant, blood thinner, NSAID or Psych meds, getting behind the wheel of a car is illegal. this blew my mind. Like My “Solicitor” (I watch too much Midsomer Murders with my Dad and Always wanted too use that phrase) said, How Many police officer are involved in high speed chases that take High Blood Pressure meds, they are actually Driving under the influence. but are held to a different standard. My father is a retired truck driver, and to get a Federal CDL (commercial Drivers or Chauffers license) If he’s ever caught with ANY amount of alcohol, off work, he would lose his license Federally thus there goes his carrer ( he'[s retired Now) But he had to take high blood pressure med and Anti depressants for his PTSD from Vietnam. ( My brother works for the same shipper as my dad did and has too do the same, his PTSD is from the First Gulf War) Wheeeewww… I love the fact that we’ve come to elevate the ” People of Authority” in the U.S. as Super Heros, and above the same laws they claim to enforce.

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