Woolwich murder definitely bringing out the best in everyone

I was going to write an article about this but this pretty much sums it up. The EDL are a bit like the Nazi Brownshirts, aren’t they?

Via News Thump:

The sickening terrorism attack on a soldier in Woolwich has really brought out the caring, tolerant and inclusive sides of society, according to reports this morning.

With numerous calls to ‘send em back’, ‘bomb the hell out of wherever they come from’ or ‘let the people on the street deal with them’, British society is celebrating one of its finest hours.

English Defence League member Steve Matthews told us, “When I heard the news I was sickened, but then I began sporting a huge erection when I realised how this will give me an opportunity to spout my vile opinions.”

“There’ll be a rally near you soon, I guaranteed it.”

“What everyone needs to realise is that he best way to beat extremism is with a different type of extremism.”

“And our extremism is based on skin colour rather than religion, so it’s much more valid.”

Woolwich murder

Early reports confirm that no Facebook pages have yet emerged in support of the unarmed woman who reflected the better side of society by approaching the cleaver wielding maniacs to see if she could help the victim, with most choosing to focus on some type of racism or revenge.

Television viewer Kerry Williams who heard about the news from a friend told us, “Why don’t we adopt an eye-for-an-eye justice policy like the Taliban? This is the bit where they’ve got it right.”

“Send’em all back – if they haven’t done anything yet, then they will, so better safe than sorry,” insisted another tolerant individual who asked to remain nameless.

“Of course, the only way to win against people who kill those who do things they don’t like, is to kill all the people who do things we don’t like,” they added.

The final word went to BNP campaigner Shane Williams, who told us, “This is what happens when you don’t vote BNP.”


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