Unique Performance Art with K8 Hardy

So she struggles to identify what kind of artist she is – I think the real question is how on earth she considers herself an artist at all. This is “conceptual art” drivel at its “finest” – the kind of self-congratulatory bullshit that passes for modern art these days. The only relevance it has is to demonstrate how utterly pointless much of the contemporary art world has become, as exemplified by the ego-driven turgid rubbish peddled by the likes of Tracey Emin.



3 responses to “Unique Performance Art with K8 Hardy

  1. She cant define what kind of artist she is? bullshit artist I think.

    Congratulations K8 Hardy you are the worst artist I have ever seen.

  2. I hate to slag someone , but this is straight jive. First anyone who may use a combo letter/number in their name, All I can suggest is that maybe you could open a new art of text message haiku specifically for those who are driving and texting, thus encouraging many to voluntarily drive into oncoming traffic out of sheer annoyance. there’s a term for someone who does all that type of broad spectrum art: Multimedia.; but that is set aside for artists. I’m an artist, with ADD, and other Dysfunctions, My stuff is all over the place, and of varying quality. yet this is done both unconsciously and consciously, as a Dada/Surrealist/whatever/Subgenius BullDada; Arrrgh! what the hell I watched like the opening cartwheel screaming,low-rent Georgia O’Keefe vaginal Flowers made by a kindergartener but with less humor and skill, you’ve successfully made me super self-conscious about my art lady, way to screw up so-called Modern art. I have to agree this is just self-gratification and overt crap. One can be over the top and be subtle,this is just pomposity and I don’t know… Please God help me to forget..I need to take a shower.

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