Would the US Military use Robots to Violently Curb a Necessary Revolution?

Given that the military has constantly striven to deal with the “problem” of troops being unwilling to shoot to kill, an army of unthinking killer robots devoid of emotion and morality would be any general’s wet dream. The precedent is already set with the use of unmanned drones.

Via Intelihub:

While Revolution flows through the minds of many across the globe, people must consider the forces revolutionaries may face in attempting to over throw a tyrannical government- how far would the government go to keep their power? Would they dare use military robots and high technology to violently curb a necessary revolution?

Revolution is brewing in the hearts and minds of human beings globally, seemingly, like never before. As people dream of a peaceful, orderly disillusion of the tyranny that binds us, we must consider- what is the point of no return in our wage enslavement?

What is the point at which a revolution is physically impossible, if there is such a point? Could the protesters and revolutionaries of America be shut down by robotic humanoids? A program by the US military known as “DARPA” may prove that this is a possibility.

What happens if we, the citizens, keep allowing the governments to build and stock technology that could murder a revolution at the push of a button? What will be the end result of citizens just watching the police state unfold, doing nothing, allowing the government to build remotely controlled, anti-revolutionary robotic armies?

This may be one of the most important government activities to stop, one of the highest priorities when it comes to protesting an activity of government and military. The worst case scenario must too, be thoroughly analyzed.

After seeing the events unfold in Turkey over the weekend, this question weighs heavily on the minds of people who want revolution- how would the protestors and instigators of a necessary revolution have success against the tremendous force of government and the military? Waking up police and soldiers is one crucial step in calling for revolution, but what if the elitists and people in power use machines, and remotely controlled robots, or even armies of machines to keep their power?

We can’t allow government to use robotic armies or stock this extremely dangerous technology, and we citizens must make it a high priority to protest the military’s use and abuse of this power. If we allow the government to create an army of powerful robots that they can remotely control, who knows how horrible the police state could get, who knows when we will be freed, and no longer be wage slaves.

The US Military’s “DARPA” program is well on its way to developing humanoid robots that can run, jump, and overcome nearly any obstacle in its way. They can operate cameras, use facial recognition technology to recognize an individual and murder them, and these robots can do nearly anything they are programmed to do. Do you want your tax dollars to go to the creation of a robotic military dictatorship? This dystopian, disturbingly powerful military technology that the US Military is using and wants to expand the use of, must be protested at any cost by the people.

What could we possibly do in a revolution, against thousands of robotic, humanoid, remotely controlled military robots, that can track and kill individuals with precision that was only previously seen in fiction? The solution is simple- don’t allow a government that is supposed to serve the people in the first place, use this dangerous technology.

It is crossing a line into military dictatorship, and it is fundamentally important to our freedom that we don’t allow these robots to be used. The military is absolutely not to be trusted with these robots, yet there are already thousands of military robots occupying Iraq and Afghanistan. You don’t hear about that from the mainstream media, do you? I suggest people keep their eyes peeled, and prevent the United States from slipping into a full on military dictatorship at any cost.


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Cassius Methyl is a writer for intellihub.com , a liberty activist in any way possible, and he plays every instrument and vocals for experimental metal / truth movement project core of a virus. Find his music here: www.facebook.com/coreofavirus


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