Portugal stage biggest protest since 1974 revolution whilst international mainstream media ignores it

More mass protests and unrest you aren’t being told about.

Via Occupy News Network:

Yesterday, Portugal saw the biggest mobilization since the 1974 revolution. Hundreds’s of thousands of people came to the streets to protest the new package of austerity measures being imposed by the troika. 3 People have been arrested for separate incidents. One of those arrested was caught in possession of explosives in front of the IMF offices in Lisbon.

There is an uncertain number of injuries due to an attack from the riot police in front of parliament. The mass demo, named “Fuck the troika, we want our lives back” was called by students, artists, musicians and the main union CGTP (General Confederation of Portuguese Workers). Over 500.000 people marched through the streets of Lisbon and Porto, according to the organizers. 30 cities in Portugal saw similar demonstrations with people coming out in numbers to fight back the troika. The headline stories today were about the loss of more NATO soldiers in Afghanistan. Shockingly, but not surprisingly, the mainstream media has completely ignored a huge demonstration of discontent once again. Not even the so called traditional left media in the UK, like The Guardian, has even mentioned this in the world section of the website. If anyone was under the illusion that we live in a free and fair system that does not repress people’s power to make wise decisions based on all available information, then I think it’s time they came out of this delusional state of mind.


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