Asda do something nice for a change

Catching up on old news – Asda doing something good for a change? I don’t think this absolves Walmart (who own Asda) of their many other crimes but credit where it’s due. More pressure from consumers can only help improve matters further.

Via Yahoo News:

Since they were bought by gun totin’ Walmart, Britain’s favourite bum-patting supermarket hasn’t exactly been known for its altruism (unless you count a great deal on mouldy ham and pineapple pizza in the Whoops! section.)

But now, Asda is pledging that it will donate ALL its surplus stock to charity, though a scheme called FareShare. FareShare will then redistribute the food to people in poverty, of which there are an estimated 5.8 million in the UK. This will include bread, meat, dairy produce and vegetables that would otherwise be destined for the bin.

It all adds up to around 3 million free meals for the stricken people of Britain, who are lining up at food banks across the country. But FareShare doesn’t operate as a food bank – instead it donates the food to 910 charities around the UK.

The scale of the scheme, which amounts to 1,500 tonnes of free food, is unprecedented, and enough to give even the most hardened cynic a warm Tiny Tim glow around the edges. It’s environmentally sound, socially progressive and…kind.

What on EARTH has gotten into them?


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