4th Of July Sign In Public Park Sums Up The State Of ‘Independence’ In America

This notice is the definition of irony…

Via Business Insider:

Check out this sign. It’s a set of rules put into effect by the Lakewood Ohio parks division of the municipal government for the day that local Lakewood residents celebrate America’s independence.

It’s located on the viral image site Imgur under the title “No Fun Here, Move Along.” The comments are predictably negative.

The most ridiculous rules seem to be against alcohol and fireworks on a day when many Americans traditionally drink and shoot fireworks.

The most concerning seems to be the one about police searching bags and coolers, and, considering recent events, the special notice that “The entire park is under video surveillance.”

Is crime that bad in the suburbs of Cleveland? Not unless we’re talking about shoplifting and marijuana possession.

The site Travel and Leisure named it one of the top suburbs to visit in 2010. Bloomberg Businessweek said it was was one of the best places to “raise your kids” in the same year.

A 2011 Patch article about the suburb listed Lakewood’s recycle rate at 79 percent, the highest in Ohio.

That same article, ironically enough, contained this gem:

Lakewood, Ohio: “The most-of-our-taxes-go-towards-fireworks town.”

Every Fourth of July, after I sop up the blood streaming from my ears, I think, “Nobody loves America more than Lakewood!” And you can tell by the number of car alarms going off after the over-the-top, shock-and-awe, explosion-fest we use to celebrate our country’s independence.

We’ve contacted the local Lakewood parks division to see what gives with the sign. We’re awaiting a response.


5 responses to “4th Of July Sign In Public Park Sums Up The State Of ‘Independence’ In America

  1. My reply reads as this. Who cares? It’s Lakewood.

  2. Is it really too hard to believe that in this state of society, some rules should not be set for a public gathering? I am quite sure that if nothing was posted, and something crazy happened the majority of people would question why the government did nothing. Grow up you bunch of two faced idiots.

    • orwellwasright

      It’s easy to call someone “two faced idiots” when you decide for yourself without any evidence that they have double standards. Aren’t these rules a bit extreme? Are all of them necessary? There’s a debate here that doesn’t require any insults…

  3. Americans proving to the world they do t understand irony.

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