The Mental Illness of Choice for CEO’s & Politicians

We are clearly living in an insane world run by insane people. Understand psychopathy and the world begius to make sense.

Via The Common Sense Show:

After writing my most recent article with regard to what typically happens when a currency collapse takes down a country’s economy, many people wrote to me asking me when it is going to happen. The short answer is that I have a hard time predicting the actions psychopaths. All of us have a hard time predicting the action of others who are so different from the mainstream of America because most of us do not think like psychopaths. However, I can  state with certainty that when the last mortgage has been stolen and the last pension has been confiscated, then it will be time to collapse the dollar.

Our country should be dubbed, the United States of Psychopathology. Psychopaths are at the root of the world’s problems. They kill hundreds of millions in wars which serves no purpose except to enrich themselves. Subsequently, psychopaths such as the Rockefeller’s and the Rothschild’s recruit already compromised psychopaths to do their bidding in both elected office and key administrative positions.

The Whole Country Is Going Crazy

The United States of America is presently undergoing a mental health crisis. An estimated 26.2% of Americans ages 18 and older suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year. This figure translates to almost 60 million people who have a diagnosable mental illness.  Even though mental disorders are widespread in the population, the main burden of illness is concentrated in a much smaller proportion, which is confined to about 6% of the population, or about 1 in 17 who suffer from a serious mental illness. In nearly half (45%) of those with any mental disorder, meet criteria for two or more disorders. In the U.S., mental disorders are diagnosed based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth edition (DSM-V).4

Most (over 65%) of the diagnosed mental health disorders are reactive in nature to a faulty environment and are common to a population being placed under dire stress. As would be expected, anxiety disorders lead the way and can manifest themselves in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (common to veterans in combat), various social phobias, eating disorders (at record levels) and depression (rising at an alarming rate).

Genetic factors are thought to generally play a role in mental illness in about 30-50% of all mental illnesses. However, the bulk of symptoms are maladaptive responses to a negative environment.

Psychopath or Sociopath?

The terms psychopath and sociopath were in vogue 30 years ago in the mental health field. We still see the use of these terms to describe morally deprived people who commit heinous acts of some sort against other human beings. However, on an official level, the terms have been rolled up into one clinical term, Anti Social Personal Disorder (ASPD).

I contend that most of the mental illnesses that we are seeing in today’s America are reactive to the depraved nature of those that seek power over others. It is becoming quite clear that when we closely examine the mental health of many in power, they exhibit the hallmark traits of people with diagnosable ASPD.


Antisocial personality disorder is characterized by an individual’s disregard for social rules and cultural norms, impulsive behavior, and indifference to the rights and feelings of others. Mental health researchers estimate that approximately 3% of males and 1% of females, aged 18 or over, have ASPD (Lenzenweger, M.F., Lane, M.C., Loranger, A.W., Kessler, R.C. (2007). DSM-IV personality disorders in the National Comorbidity Survey Replication. Biological Psychiatry, 62(6), 553-564).

The National Institute of Mental Health diagnoses Anti-Social Personality Disorder by having four of the following seven characteristics:

  • ·Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest
  • ·Deceitfulness, as indicated by repeated lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure
  • ·Impulsivity or failure to plan ahead
  • ·Irritability and aggressiveness, as indicated by repeated physical fights or assaults
  • ·Reckless disregard for safety of self or others
  • ·Consistent irresponsibility, as indicated by repeated failure to sustain consistent work behavior or honor financial obligations
  • ·Lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another

ASPD Is Fertile Recruiting Ground for Today’s Leaders

If I were a power broker in the emerging New World Order and I needed politicians to carry out my agenda of controlling every person and every resource on the planet, I would seek individuals who have previously earned their stripes as mentally ill and highly ambitious individuals who will move to get ahead at all costs. I would seek out people who have the traits of an ASPD individual because I could count on them to pursue power at all costs in the pursuit of the NWO agenda. And when they are caught violating the public’s trust, I would just replace them with another person who exhibits the same exact ASPD traits. And it is ideal if these “public servants” already have a litany of behaviors emanating from their ASPD symptoms that I could use to blackmail them when the need arises. In a nutshell, I have just described the American political scene.

Whereas, 75% of Americans are emotionally stable and 25% are not, I think these are the exact inverse numbers of what we see in Congress and other key elected positions such as the governors of states. I believe that if we did a mental status exam on George Bush I, George Bush II, Bill Clinton and President Obama, we would see all four individuals with completely diagnosable ASPD. Millions have died, who did not have to under these criminally insane leaders. We have lived through three completely avoidable wars in which several million have perished as we whip a little democracy on them.

ASPD in Corporate Circles and Local Politics

When institutions engage in illegal business practices designed to deprive people of their homes, the leaders and their minions of these organizations are exhibiting ASPD.

Richard Eskow, senior fellow for Campaign for America’s Future, relates how former employees of Bank of America submitted sworn affidavits to a civil lawsuit claiming that “the financial institution purposely stalled, delayed or denied home loan modifications.” They also claimed that the bank enforced foreclosure quotas and gave bonuses to those with the highest foreclosure rate. So will Bank of America pay for these alleged practices?  No because Federal judges are appointed by the criminally orientated mentally ill as well, or they would not be selected.

This parallels what the Federal Reserve is doing. Since September of 2012, the Fed has been purchasing $40 billion dollars worth of mortgage backed securities each month. This is nothing but a modern day version of feudalism in which the Lords are buying up all the land so they can exploit even more serfs who pay tribute to live on  the land that has been stolen from them.

Now we find that SECRET COURTS decide what the 4th Amendment to the Constitution entails. Secret courts? The term secrecy should be repugnant in a free society, but not in today’s America. Secret, faceless and nameless judges have decided that you do not have a 4th Amendment right to be protected from the intrusive and unwarranted surveillance of the NSA. Secret courts? What is this, the Wizard of OZ?

Timothy Geithner received $400,000 for three speeches which he gave to his fellow banksters. And he was paid with your money!

Spitzer and his biggest victim, Mrs. Spitzer

Then there is the whore-monger, Eliot Spitzer, forced to resign from office five years ago for his involvement in a prostitution scandal. Spitzer has such a bad case of ASPD that he trotted his wife out on stage when he announced that he was again seeking political office and that he had learned his lesson and that he was never so happy as when he was involved in public service. I think Spitzer meant he was happiest when he was being publicly serviced.

Then who could ever forget Anthony Weiner? You remember Weiner don’t you?  He was forced to resign from Congress for publicly displaying his last name in a text to show what a man he is. Interesting, when one urinates in public and are caught, they must register as a sex offender. Weiner’s actions impacted far more people and gets to politically recycle himself with impunity.

Please reread the symptoms of ASPD.  Every president in recent history, most of Congress and various “Weiners” such as Spitzer and Geithner have ASPD and you are their victims.

In short, people of America, we are ruled by what used to be called psychopaths and you are their victims on an accelerated basis.

We wonder why things do not change. Why are we continuing to comply with these criminally mentally ill? These psychopaths are literally and figuratively driving the country crazy as proven by our skyrocketing rates of mental illness among the general population.

Isn’t it time that we begin to impose standards of moral conduct such as when you are caught with a prostitute, that you are ineligible to run for public office. Shouldn’t the murder of Ambassador Stevens at Benghazi be enough to keep co-conspirator Hillary Clinton from becoming the President of the United States. Yet, she is the heir apparent in 2016. When one publicly exposes themselves before God and country, shouldn’t this prohibit this person from becoming a mayor?

And to the sheep of America, don’t your children deserve better than to be ruled over by a bunch of perverted psychopaths. These actions are not the exception, they are the norm (see Feinstein, Pelosi, Reed, etc.)  In the words of author of Common Sense, “Tis time to part.”

17 thoughts on “The Mental Illness of Choice for CEO’s & Politicians”

  1. I think ASPD is sugar-coating what these people have.

  2. good Insight with the article. i Believe the HOW really hones in on the Process of this behavior. leaving out the Secret Societies and the Initiation Rituals are Important to the How. i agree that ‘they’ seek out people who will Compromise. but from my own research, there seems to be a more Vicious Process. hence MKUltra and other Experimentation (HAARP). if i was to seek out Psychopaths…well, i would Simply MAKE Psychopaths. and i Believe the Rituals within the Secret Societies do just that. let us say that Beastiality is one of the “initiation” rites of passage to the next step. i am sure we have heard of gangs forcing women to be part of a gang bang to enter the group. now take that to the Political Level. this would Ensure my Psychopath could never be a whistleblower. but i am sure most people that read this already know this type of Blackmail. i believe the “top” Politicians have Participated in Satanic Ritual Abuse. and yeah, Hollywood is riddled with these “principles.” as for the “citizens,” they are Mind Controlled to be Apathetic to it. Organized Religions, Countries, and Politics all seem to point to Satanism. i wish there was a God that told us it would be like this so i wouldn’t be so surprised. and i wish there was a Solution that would be as Effective Spiritually. wait a minute! humans cannot solve Spiritual Problems with secular solutions. in short, EVERYBODY, God Rules Everything. Period. drop the hook shots kids, take it to the hoop.

  3. Dave, you need to include the great possibility that most of
    these depraved power mongers are on drugs…RX or
    otherwise. They desereve to be put into the same tank with
    each other, as they crash. Service to self will show itself for
    what it is, advanced narcissism and a superiority complex.
    The time will come when only one can be the King over all,
    who will not share with the others in contention, even a Queen
    wanna-be. Let them taste of warfare among themselves.
    For us, I quote a solution from a childrens book: If there is
    no tomorrow…dance backward. (Night Rainbow)

  4. Well, you hit the nail on the head but I’m not sure you offered any solution. If you can fake a birth certificate or diploma it is easy to lie on a test or pay a professional for his ‘opinion’.
    And it’s not like you are going to turn to the church to correct the morals of our political and banking leaders.
    We don’t have enough rope to hang them all.
    I think they all have to be converted to repentance.

  5. Whatever you want to call it, the root cause of America’s issues is the turning away from the laws of nature and nature’s God.
    The very first battle cry of the American Revolution was, “No king but King Jesus!”
    Were we to revolt against today’s tyrannical government, what would be our battle cry? We wouldn’t have one, because if this society were an individual it would be schizophrenic as the day is long.

    What is a society but a collective of individuals? What are our fellow citizenry but a collective of TV-gazers? What is the TV but a device used to dump un-Godly filth into the living rooms and bedrooms of so many households in the country?

    What are we taught, but that all things are equal in value and that no one is worthy of distinguishing moral from immoral, except all those who agree that Christianity is wrong? What little saying is more overused than the biggest lie, “It’s all good”?!?

    We have gone way past the use of psychiatric terms. Our society has been intentionally led down the path of insanity. Besides, the psychiatric community has proved itself nothing more than the adherents of “soft” science, as they are willing to not only redefine mental illness as what is currently acceptable, but is even willing to help shape the redefining of what is acceptable (think homosexuality).

    We are going the way of every other society that has passed its zenith.

  6. Excellent article.
    Two insightful books, among others, on psychopathy:
    Without Conscience by Dr. Robert Hare and Snakes in Suits by Dr.Hare and and Dr. Paul Babiak.
    There is no cure for psychopathy and psychopathy is not a
    mental illness. Psychopaths are on the mental plane a different
    sub-species from “normal” human beings. In most cases the world has been run by psychopaths all most of recorded history.

  7. You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

  8. Totally agree with you Ralph. I studied psychology and despite the fact that psychopathy was mentioned in the DSM IV albeit a paragraph under ASPD I for one, after studying the psychopath and particularly Dr Hare’s work do not agree that is where it should be. For starters ASPD is a personality disorder. Psychopaths do not have a personality disorder. Their brain is hard wired differently and they are simply unable to navigate emotions as normal people would. They can not be corrected or rehabilitated hence is why when a person, say a murderer or serial killer, is found to be psychopathic in States in the US that have the death penalty they are given the death penalty for that reason. Furthermore contrary to what this article states about the diagnostic criteria being the same as ASPD, it is not. It corresponds and aligns more closely to Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). While the diagnostic criteria are almost identical, in the case of NPD it is a personality disorder, a distortion of the perception of self and others, whereas psychopathy is a pre-wired disorder of the brain. It’s the hardware that is damaged not the software. Psychopaths are born, they are not made and sadly the condition is hereditary. This is why we must remove these people from the picture all together, including family of psychopaths. They must all be rounded up and placed somewhere where their condition will never be allowed to impact on the biological systems (animal, vegetable and mineral) of this planet ever again. In fact while they breath, they are a threat to our entire ecosystem. When you look at CEOs’ behavior and in particular politicians, a trait of both psychopathy and NPD is the same; They berate and tear down others in order to build themselves up, it is their only form of defense, argument or debate. They have nothing good going for them, they live in an abyss of abject darkness, a void of emotional depravity and self loathing. How could they feel good about that???? They can not so in order to feel safe, because that’s all they can pretend to do, they project their darkness onto others, making themselves the victims in order to feel good about their actions and justified in the punishment they met out. Nothing bad they do will ever be their fault – it will always be the victims fault as they asked for it according to the psychopath. Sad, pathetic beings. They do not belong here. They belong somewhere in the demonic realms, I wonder how they ever escaped?

  9. Actually, if you look at it sociologically, we are breeding people with ASPD at an alarming rate. Infants and young children that do not get the proper nurturance and bonding fail to form proper consciences. It is another disorder called Reactive Attachment Disorder. I would argue that there is a continuum of severity, but that a weak or non-existent conscience is the prevalent result of poor bonding. The societal changes that have made contraception, abortion, divorce, and working mothers so commonplace have also compromised the mother/infant relationship and resulted in weaker bonding. Children with these issues often are classified as having Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) in their teen years. A personality disorder diagnosis like ASPD is not given until adulthood. But what we are talking about here is something very simple that is being engineered very subtly. It is a cultural malady. Selfishness, depression, addiction, all of these personal issues are compounding the problem because they interfere with maternal/infant bonding. Every mother knows that infants demand selflessness and complete attention and devotion from their caretaker. And the problem is exacerbated intergenerationally. An individual with weak bonding has a hard time attaching to their children. This is a downward sociological spiral that we have been on for some time now.

  10. Being fatherless is the main problem now, Without a Father no child has a strong sense of being grounded and secure.
    No woman can provide that sense of stability which comes from the masculine vibe.

  11. Excellent article. I have been searching for years to identify the root of all the dysfunction and outright evil in our society and I too have come to the conclusion that our sick society is the result of the extremely sick people who own and run all of our cultural institutions.

    To learn how to defend yourself from individual psychopaths, and the collective of psychopaths that run things, please see my YouTube video: Defense Against the Psychopath

  12. I totally agree with Kate’s analysis about the causes of what she describes as a “downward sociological spiral.” The chilling aspect of this widespread decline in civilization, however, is very close to the “process” used by the Nazi’s and Communists to subdue Central and Eastern Europe between 1945 and 1953 and install totalitarian structures in their governments.

    People in this region refer to the forces that carried out this brutal process as “the Beast.” These folks recognize the presence and influence of the Beast in a flash. They cannot understand why Americans don’t and also why they are not fighting back. They see us as naive and asleep–pretty close to the truth.

    Personally, I think that the Beastie forces have now honed their subversive methods to a high level of sophistication, particularly those involving the infliction of early trauma, disrupting brain development and shattering human bonds. Like the Nazi’s and Communists, these people know that destroying the web of human relationships makes it easy to control people’s minds and behaviors.

    I highly recommend Anne Applebaum’s,” Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe,” and Hannah Arendt’s “The Origin of Totalitarianism” for in-depth reads on this topic.

  13. and with it, many of the responsible persons…will not realize the enjoyment of their illegal gains…imho

  14. SAY is there anyone on planet earth who’s better at destroying children then americans??THE LORD SAID “I GAVE YOU A SOUND MIND” and now its drugged to pieces with metal in the childrens cereal,crap in the water,poison in their food,brainwashing on TV,and who would want to forget the WHORES TEACHING AT THE SCHOOLS,destroying the children by the thousands,with their insanely stupid IDEAS,no children in america ,DON’T HAVE A CHANCE,its over for them,I guess we’ll just finish them off with a good dose of CANCER CAUSING VACCINE,there that ott to do it………………………

  15. OH,and you people who love the chinese,and buy everything they make,your going to LOVE the fema camps,cause the russians,and chinese will be running them,AND GUESS WHAT, THE FAVORITE FOOD OF THE CHINESE IS,”CHILD STEW” yea thats right, child stew ,look it up on the internet,and when you go to the fema camps,your going to get to watch them eat your children,AREN’T YOU GLAD YOUR LEADERS have made these sick dogs rich enough to buy up america ,while you stood in line to kiss their ass…………….EVERYONE IN AMERICA is mentility ill,letting anyone into america who eats children,…………………

  16. I guess ASPD is the new term for the old Sociopathy that it has long been known describes the behavior of criminals and politicians, whose behaviors are pretty much interchangeable. . But I also feel that “An estimated 26.2% of Americans ages 18 and older suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year. This figure translates to almost 60 million people who have a diagnosable mental illness.” can be attributed to our psych-centered society, where every kind of misbehavior is given a new psychological name and potential treatment. What better way is there to control the masses? The American Psychological Association (APA) somehow has even managed to become the body that produces the grammatical standards used by colleges today.It always seemed odd to me that our English grammar would be under the control of psychologists. So they now control our language as well. No offense Dave, but I remember when psychology was the major you pursued when you had no idea what career you were interested in and wanted an easy degree. I also remember when psychology was considered a non-science (see LA Times article from 07/13/12). Now our society has elevated it to prominence, yet society is dumber and less well than ever. I believe when God was kicked out of our society, the hole was filled by secular humanism and psychology, which is quite the opposite of spirituality, and the deleterious effects are all around us.

  17. Stefan, I watched the YT video you mention above and then embedded it on one of the webpages about my 3-part Con Job ebook series:

    My ebooks are available at

    Breaking Free of Con Artists, Sociopaths & Predators
    How to Spot Con Artists, Sociopaths & Predators
    How To Protect Yourself From Con Artists, Sociopaths & Predators

    And blogger Dave Hodges recently posted an article,”The Mental Illness of Choice for CEO’s & Politicians” at

    People are beginning to get it!


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