Vampire graveyard found in Poland?

So WikiLeaks reveals evidence of extraterrestrials and now vampire graves are found in Poland – whatever next?


Four skeletons were found at the site, where mandatory digs were being carried out prior to the construction of a ring road.

In each case, the deceased had been buried with the head between the legs.

According to folk beliefs, this prevented a possible vampire from finding his or her way back to the land of the living.

There was no trace at the burial ground of any earthly possessions, such as jewellery, belts or buckles.

“It’s very difficult to tell when these burials were carried out,” archaeologist Dr Jacek Pierzak told the Dziennik Zachodni newspaper.

However, it is believed that they took place in the early modern period.

Tests are due to me made, so as to determine exact dates.

Archaeologists believe that the burials may have been done in such a fashion so as to protect locals from vampire attacks. Another theory is that the skeletons were the victims of cholera epidemic. Further research will be undertaken.

The last recorded instance of a vampire burial within current Polish borders was in the village of Stare Mierzwice, Masovia, in 1914. A corpse was dug up in the village, and the head was cut off and placed between the person’s legs. (nh)

– See more at:,Vampire-graveyard-found-in-Poland#sthash.IndHBuhF.dpuf



One response to “Vampire graveyard found in Poland?

  1. The Polish and Romanians started doing this because centuries ago they would ‘see the dead’ appear like the living in their rooms at night. They in thier ignorance and staunch religious believes thoughts the dead were rising from the grave. When in fact they were just seeing Spirits. We’ve all had a Ghost or Spirit experience either from a deceased loved ones visit to waking to ‘feel’ someones in the room etc…but these people would then dig up the graves to see if they had infact rising from the graves only to find them still in thier newly buried caskets but with blood in thier mouths and with pale skin. Both of which can be accounted for as the natural processes of the first stages of decomposition. But to protect themselves they would do things like remove or pierce the heart of their dead loved on (they can’t walk around with no heart right?), remove the head (can’t talk around with no head either), remove clothing (no self respecting Vampire would want to walk around naked) which is all very extreme. But these poor ignorant people were merely the victim of being born in times before Scientific explanation, embalming, and were victims themselves of extreme religious control. When they would all of saved themselves the terror and bother if when they turned up in their rooms at night, they simply said ‘Hello, dead loved one, nice to see you made it to the other side, now if you don’t mind I’m tired and want to get some sleep’ lol. Sadly all of their ancestral escapades with the dead it has resulted in what we now call ‘Superstition’ and ‘Wives tales’ both of which The Polish and Romanians still firmly believe in. So remind me not to die and pop in on anyone in Romania or Poland lol

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