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If this theory is correct, we may live in a web of alternate timelines

Flicking through some back issues of Sight and Sound magazine in the bathroom earlier I came across an old review of Donnie Darko then shortly afterwards stumbled across this article – seems appropriate to post it.

Via io9:

The Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum physics has been around for nearly 60 years. It’s a highly controversial idea which suggests that our world — and everything in it — is constantly splitting into alternative timelines. If it’s correct, here’s what your true existence might actually be like.

Over a hundred years ago, the discovery of quantum physics ruined the party. Our comfortable, clockwork conception of universe was thrown into disarray with the realization that, at the micro-scale, there’s some crazy funky stuff going on.

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How we are impoverished, gentrified and silenced – and what to do about it

A sobering but important piece from one of the few remaining mainstream journalists still writing with integrity.

Via John Pilger:

I have known my postman for more than 20 years. Conscientious and good-humoured, he is the embodiment of public service at its best. The other day, I asked him, “Why are you standing in front of each door like a soldier on parade?”

“New system,” he replied, “I am no longer required simply to post the letters through the door. I have to approach every door in a certain way and put the letters through in a certain way.”


“Ask him.”

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Debt Collector

VICE takes a look at the dodgy world of debt collection in Liverpool.

Creating Change and Living off the Grid

Ever thought about ditching the rat race yourself?

Via Collective Evolution:

If you have any interest in moving beyond the current system that we are playing with, it’s more than likely that you have heard the term “Living off the Grid”. So what exactly does it mean? Nick Rosen, a living off the grid expert, sums up the term in an interview on “Coast to Coast” radio with George Noory very simply:

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Man gets 25 years to life in ‘satanic’ murder of mother

Bit of a grisly story from the inappropriately named “City of Angels”.

Via The Los Angeles Times:

Moises Meraz-Espinoza walked into the Huntington Park Police Department two years ago to report a crime: He had killed his mother.

Officers went to the Maywood apartment that the then-18-year-old factory worker shared with his mother, Amelia Espinoza, 42, and found a gruesome scene. A trail of blood led to the bathroom, where plastic covered the walls and floor. There, they found an electrical circular saw with pieces of bone, blood and flesh stuck to the blade. Nearby, in a freezer, police found skin and muscles stored in plastic bags. The woman’s skull, with all her teeth plucked out, her eyes removed and two upside-down crosses carved into the bone, was stashed in a backpack.

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Our ‘child protection’ system is an international scandal

While we’re on the subject of the treatment of children in the UK, here’s Christopher Booker on social workers seizing the children of foreign families.

Via The Telegraph:

A remarkable meeting recently took place at the House of Commons, organised by John Hemming, the only MP who for years has been battling on behalf of those thousands of families being torn apart each year, for no good reason, by our weirdly dysfunctional “child protection” system. The meeting was attended by representatives of no fewer than 34 countries, including four ambassadors, all concerned by the astonishing scale on which the children of foreign families resident in the UK are being seized by social workers to be taken into foster care or sent for adoption. One estimate suggests that these now include no fewer than 6,500 of the 67,000 children currently in state “care” in England, costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of pounds a year.

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The babies we don’t care about today

Motherhood and the disparity between the rich and the royal from Laurie Penny.

Via New Statesman:

The consensus that it is feckless and irresponsible for couples who rely on state benefits to reproduce clearly does not extend to the monarchy. For weeks before the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first child, news teams from across the globe camped outside the luxury hospital where the sprog was set to make its entrance. As the due date soared by, hacks of every stripe filed and refiled speculative copy that managed to combine sycophantry with prying in that uniquely British manner; amongst the realms of opportunistic merchandise produced for the occasion were “Royal Morning Sickness” bags in pink and blue, printed up with the legend “shake rattle and rule!”. The punnery was presumably designed to ensure that the sick bags will be used for their intended purpose, if only by common wenches like me who are incubating a sense of impending national collapse into crypto-fascist kitschery where our blue-blooded fetuses should be.

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