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Christian Rex van Minnen’s Extraterrestrial Aristocrats

Ever wondered what the rich and powerful from across the galaxy might look like? With Christian Rex van Minnen‘s portraits you no longer have to.

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The Reptilian Roots of Pedophilia

Here’s an article you won’t read every day…

Via Zen Gardner:

This gargoyle on St. John’s cathedral in Holland would certainly suggest pedophilia has reptilian roots. Add to it the fact that this is a bastion of Catholicism, itself rife with pedophilia, and the picture starts taking shape.

The reptilian instinct is a parasitic one, and vampiric sexuality is at its core.

Even the quickest perusal of the dark activities of the so-called elite and rulers of the forces of this world takes you directly to pedophile rings and satanic ritual abuse and ceremonial slaughter in every possible fashion. And the origins are spiritual first and foremost, being derived from manipulative satanic forces imposing their will and minds on an unsuspecting populace via every medium they can.

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Everything Is A Remix – Remixed

An excellent short documentary on copying and the derivative nature of the creative process.

Classical sculptures dressed as hipsters

Classical sculptures dressed as hipsters look contemporary and totally badass

And while we’re on the subject of the classical world, here’s a selection of photos of classical sculptures dressed as hipsters:

Via Today I Learned:

I have just discovered a whole new dimension to classical sculpture. If you dress the sculptures as hipsters it gives them an awesome new look. They become contemporary and totally badass. Needless to say, they look a lot more human. They look like people who we can picture in our lives. This beats Madame Tussauds. I am sold.

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Ancient Roman Concrete Is About to Revolutionize Modern Architecture

Perhaps this has been known all along – after all, things are no longer built to last (and let’s face it, architecture has generally been getting worse and worse over the years).

Via Business Week:

After 2,000 years, a long-lost secret behind the creation of one of the world’s most durable man-made creations ever—Roman concrete—has finally been discovered by an international team of scientists, and it may have a significant impact on how we build cities of the future.

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Goldsmiths: But Is It Art?

Would you call this “art”, or is it pretentious, meaningless conceptual nonsense?

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Religion, Atheism and Dogmatic Thinking

The Inquisition Tribunal as illustrated by Francisco de Goya.

Someone recently asked: “Should the oppressive content of monotheistic religions be respected and left alone or challenged and questioned?” It’s a loaded question which, needless to say, provoked a lively debate on the nature of religion as a force for oppression and negativity in the world today. As one person expressed it: “Christianity is a restrictive, damaging, violent, oppressive, totalitarian, hypocritical, patriarchal cult that has caused 2000 years of pain, suffering and misery to countless millions.”

It’s not hard to see why so many people think this way – religious wars and persecution have, over the centuries, killed untold millions; the tenets of Holy scriptures used as a justification for a litany of crimes against humanity, from the Crusades in the Near East and the conquest of the New World and subsequent genocide of the indiginous population, to the horrific Inquisition and the frequent slaughter of heathens “in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ”.

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