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Debt Collector

VICE takes a look at the dodgy world of debt collection in Liverpool.


The Truth About School

Richie Rich Gets Richer

Leonard Cohen hit the nail on the head – everybody knows how it goes…

The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla

Everything Is A Remix – Remixed

An excellent short documentary on copying and the derivative nature of the creative process.

The Big Fix

Can you get any more evil than the major energy companies? They’ve been a force for war and environmental destruction since they rose to power, as this documentary on BP and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill demonstrates. On top of that, they’ve suppressed numerous alternative clean and free energy sources which jeopardise their huge profits. They epitomize the psychopathic corporate mindset.


In the wake of the peaceful protests and brutal police crackdown in Istanbul, beginning as a response to Prime Minister Erdogan’s plan to build a shopping centre on Gezi park, this documentary about the importance of city parks is timely.