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Are Humans Meant to Be Monogamous?

Are you faithful to your partner or do you like a bit on the side?

Via Live Science:

News of politicians’ extramarital affairs seems to be in no short supply lately, but if humans were cut from exactly the same cloth as other mammals, a faithful spouse would be an unusual phenomenon.

Only 3 percent to 5 percent of the roughly 5,000 species of mammals (including humans) are known to form lifelong, monogamous bonds , with the loyal superstars including beavers, wolves and some bats.

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Creating Change and Living off the Grid

Ever thought about ditching the rat race yourself?

Via Collective Evolution:

If you have any interest in moving beyond the current system that we are playing with, it’s more than likely that you have heard the term “Living off the Grid”. So what exactly does it mean? Nick Rosen, a living off the grid expert, sums up the term in an interview on “Coast to Coast” radio with George Noory very simply:

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CIA backs $630,000 study into how to control global weather through geoengineering

Geoengineering is nothing new – weather warfare was banned by the UN back in the late 1970s…

Via The Independent:

The power, reach and influence of the Central Intelligence Agency is a staple of conspiracy theories.

The news that the CIA is reportedly part-funding a scientific geoengineering study into how to control the weather is unlikely to dampen speculation over their activities.

According to US website ‘Mother Jones’ the CIA is helping fund a study by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) that will investigate whether humans could use geoengineering – which is defined as deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climatic system – to stop climate change.

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The 10 GMO Myths That Monsanto Wants You To Believe

Here’s a great overview of the myths surrounding Monsanto and GMO food.

Via The Organic Prepper:

Monsanto and their biotech buddies would have you believe that they are super-heroes, set on saving hungry children from starvation wearing a dazzling fake-green cape. In fact, in a recent attack on activists, Monsanto’s CEO Hugh Grant said that because critics “can afford” organic food, we don’t care about the plight of those who can’t afford it. “There is this strange kind of reverse elitism: If I’m going to do this, then everything else shouldn’t exist,” said Grant. “There is space in the supermarket shelf for all of us.”

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Is Jenny McCarthy the most dangerous woman on US television?

Where do you stand on the safety and efficacy of vaccines? Completely harmless or poorly tested with potentially harmful side-effects? Should kids be force vaccinated or is it every parent’s right to make that decision themselves?

Via The Independent:

Owned by Disney, the ABC Network might have wanted to burnish its family-friendly credentials as it scoured the land for a new co-host for its all-female daytime talk show, The View.

Surprisingly, perhaps, they plumped this week for Jenny McCarthy, onetime Playboy cover girl, sex author and comedienne.

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Woody Harrelson’s Thoughts From Within

Profound words from Woody, I have to say.

6 ways to dodge Owen Paterson’s GMO bullet

Well on BBC Radio 2 presenter Jeremy Vine seemed to think GMOs were a great idea so I guess they must be.

Via The Tap Blog:

Monsanto’s UK sales rep – Sec of State for the Environment – Owen (‘GMOs are a no-brainer’) Paterson.  By chemtrailing the air, and contaminating the soil with aluminium and barium,  only Monsanto seeds will be viable and be able to grow.  Monsanto are getting control of the world’s food supply, giving total power to the elites.  Paterson’s the gullible patsy.

Unless you are geographically located in a dozen or so countries in the world who have declared GMO (genetically modified organism) bans, then you’re likely eating GMO. It’s almost impossible to avoid all GMO foods, however educating yourself can make a big difference in the percentage of foods you purchase as a consumer.

1. Become familiar with the most common foods which are genetically modified (GM). These are the products (and their derivatives) that are most likely to be genetically modified:

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