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Venezuela Goes for Ban on GMO Seeds

And more good news on the fight against Frankenfood – for Venezuelans, at least.

Via Huffington Post:

Venezuela is going forward in the defintive elaboration and approval for a law guaranteeing security and sovereignty against the threat of transgenic seeds, said Socialist deputy Alfredo Urena.

Urena said in an interview to Venezolana de Television how important this is to preserve the biological diversity of the nation and food sovereignty, since the transgenic seed market is under the monopoly of a few transationals, such as renowned enterprise MONSANTO.

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The Grand National: Horsemeat and Hypocrisy

But rich people love the Grand National – surely their entertainment comes before the well-being of animals?

Via Seven Streets:

We were courted by Channel 4 the other week. They were in town to film their TV advert. Horses bolting through the city streets: Liverpool and the Grand National: city and horse race. Blood brothers.

“We’d like to offer you an exclusive”, purred Hannah Walker Senior Publicity Manager, Racing, suggesting we hotfooted it down to Everton Brow to join in the festivities.

We passed, and let the Echo have it. Well, they love a good animal cruelty story so much they have their own section. Not to mention a souvenir pullout of all your runners and riders.

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As Families Starve, Supermarkets Throw Away Half Of Food Supplies

Waste not want not … there’s a lot to be said about global eating habits these days.


As an increasing number of UK families are struggling to survive, it has emerged that British supermarkets are throwing away over 10 billion pounds worth of food each year.

Charity Oxfam has warned that 13 million Brits do not have enough to live on.

Speaking to Russia Today, Tristram Stuart, author of ‘Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal’ said:

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How Lloyds betrayed its most loyal customers: Elderly savers promised 75% return on investments that failed to materialise

Via This Is Money:

A damning dossier outlining how cautious savers had their cash gambled on the stock market has been given to the boss of Lloyds Banking Group and the head of the City watchdog by Money Mail.

The file of complaints highlights how Lloyds TSB salesmen convinced the elderly to tie up thousands of pounds in fiendishly complicated investments by promising outrageous returns of up to 75 per cent.

But these profits never materialised, with many getting just £300 from £40,000 invested over five years. Meanwhile, the bank salesmen who convinced them to open the accounts pocketed upwards of £2,000.

Money Mail raised the alert about these investments three weeks ago. Since then, dozens of similar complaints have flooded in.

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5 Ways to Rid Your Biggest Fears

There’s a very good reason why the powers that be promote fear…

Via Collective Evolution:

Think back to last time you really wanted to do something but didn’t? What stopped you from doing it? Did something change your mind? Was there a voice inside your head? Whatever the reason might have been, let’s take the time to stop and question what might be going on with our fears and how we can get beyond these fears so we can start pursuing things we’ve always wanted.

Fear is an interesting little thing as it can act in ways where we don’t even know it is present. For example, we might want to do something that first requires a few things to come into place. The scenario might be getting a new job. Next thing we know we start saying to ourselves; “Well where would I work? How would I get there? How do I quit my current job? What if I can’t get another job?” These are only a few of many stories that we may begin looking into when we have that initial thought of changing our job situation. Although we sometimes call this; facing the reality of the situation and doing what’s realistic, truth is, this sequence of thoughts and rationalizations all stems from fear.

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Death Of A Bogeyman – The Corporate Media Bury Hugo Chávez

The death of Hugo Chavez gave the Western press one last opportunity to put the boot in – especially easy when the man is deceased – and peddle the usual falsehoods and outright lies about one of Latin America’s most defiant leaders. What’s striking as always is the simplistic terms in which the mainstream media distinguishes between our politicians and the “enemies of the state” – it would be laughably cartoonish if the effects of the propaganda weren’t so serious.

Via Media Lens:

Following the death of Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez on March 5, the BBC reported from the funeral:

‘More than 30 world leaders attended the ceremony, including Cuban President Raul Castro, Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus.

‘A message was read out from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.’

A rogues’ gallery of the West’s ‘bad guys’, in other words. To the side of the main article, the BBC quietly noted that, in fact, ‘Most Latin American and Caribbean Presidents’ attended the funeral, not just the Bond villains.

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Stonehenge was ancient rave spot, new theory says

Most people think the rave sprung out of the acid house movement in the UK. Looks like ancient druids might have been at it thousands of years ago. Archaeologists have begun digging for ancient glowsticks.


British researchers on Saturday unveiled a new theory for the origins of Stonehenge, saying the ancient stone circle was originally a graveyard and venue for mass celebrations. The findings would overturn the long-held belief that Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain in southwestern England was created as a Stone Age astronomical calendar or observatory.